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The IT Asset Houdini Act

The IT Asset Houdini Act

In the world of IT asset management, assets disappear like magic. But when it’s time for retirement, they reappear. However, this isn’t magic; it’s smoke and mirrors. Learn how Retire-IT brings clarity and SEC compliance to ITAD.

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ITAD is a disregarded cybesecurity threat

Box Cutters Don’t Bring Down Buildings

The tragedy of 9/11 taught us not to disregard security threats or underestimate bad guys. ITAD is a disregarded cybersecurity threat. If we fail to imagine what could happen, we risk repeating the same mistake.

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Toxic Assets

Toxic IT Assets (And How to Eliminate Them)

Unwanted IT assets become toxic when they go missing. This is usually due to loss or theft. However, the most common culprit is apathy. Companies that fail to make ITAD a priority put themselves at the greatest risk of losing valuable assets.

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disposal tags

The Importance of Disposal Tags

Disposal tags are your company’s weapon in the fight against data breaches. Retire-IT looks out for you and your team by supplying tags for your expired assets before they ship.

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chain of custody

What is Chain of Custody?

Understanding the chain of custody process is critical to the protection of your company’s assets. This includes documenting when it was collected, where it was transferred, and who handled it.

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Democratizing ITAD

Level the playing field and optimize ITAD results with a new multi-vendor approach. Achieve ITAD by making money from equipment while minimizing freight, fees, and environmental impact.

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Why IT Asset Managers Reject Tools

What does Modern Medicine and IT Asset Management have in common? For more than 100 years, doctors dismissed the invention of the thermometer because they feared the new technology would make their jobs obsolete.

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Judge Wants Bone-Crushing Discovery

Beware When Judge Wants ‘Bone-Crushing’ Discovery

When a Federal Judge wants ‘bone-crushing’ discovery into data breach, we are entering a new era of increased accountability which will impact IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Asset Disposition. Learn how to close the ITAD gap and be prepared.

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IT Asset Disposition ITAD

What is IT Asset Disposition ITAD?

What is IT Asset Disposition? IT asset disposition, also referred to as ITAD, is the process of disposing of unwanted electronic equipment in a responsible manner. Successful ITAD programs mitigate risk, minimize cost, and maximize value recovery.

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How SAM Thinking Widens the ITAD Gap

Software publishers won’t sue if you are short a license or two. When it comes to SAM and ELP, close enough is good enough. This mindset might explain why the ITAD Gap gets ignored. SAM managers must be vigilant and relearn what it means to reconcile.

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Black Swan

Black Swan

An ITAD Black Swan is looming. We can ruin this prediction by raising awareness of the ITAD Reporting Gap vulnerability. While a Black Swan is a surprise when it occurs, experts will later conclude the event was likely. Learn how to keep your company from being one of the turkeys.

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Veridy for ServiceNow

Measure the ITAD Reporting Gap in ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a fantastic tool for IT asset management. Inventory discrepancies that happen during disposal phase of the IT lifecycle represent the ITAD Reporting Gap. Here is how to use ServiceNow to measure the gap so ITAM can effectively manage and ultimately close the gap.

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ITAD reporting gap

ITAD Reporting Gap

There comes a time in the lifecycle of every IT asset when it must retire from service. In a perfect work, ITAM should be able track 100% of assets from acquisition to disposition. We don’t live in a perfect work. The inventory discrepancies discovered during disposal phase represent the ITAD Reporting Gap.

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Armored Bank Truck

What is Chain-of-Custody Worth?

What has more value, an armored bank truck, or a van delivering old computers to a disposal vendor? Chain-of-custody, by itself, is about as helpful as a helmet in a motorcycle crash. An effective process that prevents a disaster from happening in the first place is far more effective. Until you prove a disposal vendor has your equipment, you are responsible for it. Unless you prove it, your organization is legally exposed.

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golden hour

The “Golden Hour” of ITAD

There is a “golden hour” at the onset of an incident when well thought out planning and effective response can make or break the situation. Very much like in medical trauma care or criminal investigations, there is a “golden hour” of IT asset disposition (ITAD) when well thought out planning and effective response can keep an incident from becoming a costly disaster.

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disposal tags

Disposal Tags are Like Seat Belts

Not too long ago, everyone rode bikes without helmets, no one wore seat belts, and smoking was touted as ‘good for you.’ Over time, safety data helped change public sentiment and seat belts became a standard feature in modern vehicles. Disposal tags do not save lives, but they are the most effective way for a company to safeguard itself against costly mistakes of ITAD.

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Risk of ITAD

Rethinking Risk for IT Asset Disposition

Today, IT asset disposition is considered low risk. Understandably, most view the chance of a retired computer causing an expensive breach as a remote possibility. ITAD is becoming a plaintiff lawyer’s dream come true, but not for obvious reasons. The biggest risk of ITAD is not data security per se. It is the governance of ITAD. Companies are unprepared to defend their ITAD programs and demonstrate their compliance with regulatory obligations.

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Data Security Deserves Cyber-SOX

Love it or hate it, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) was enacted as a reaction to major financial scandals which shook public confidence and cost investors billions of dollars. The high-profile data security breach of Equifax has certainly shaken public confidence. The announced 143 million records compromised has prompted some to call for a “cyber Sarbanes-Oxley.” A Cyber-SOX could have similar benefits for data security that SOX had for financial security.

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How to Prevent Employee Theft

How to Prevent Employee Theft of Your Retired IT Equipment

As businesses struggle with strained budgets, information technology departments are becoming overworked and understaffed. This combination of factors has led to an alarming vulnerability in the security of company data resident on equipment destined for retirement. Before you dispose of IT equipment, consider these possible revisions in policy and procedures that could protect your company against data leakage.

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8 Lessons Learned

8 Lessons Learned from 8,000 Projects

Google, “hacks to improve” and you will find a million shortcuts to improve almost any aspect of your life – your credit score, public speaking, or memory to name just a few. Finding ways to make your organization’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program effective is not as easy, so we created them for you. We learned these “hacks” by studying our last 8,000 projects and observing how the most effective clients approach the management of ITAD.

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MVP Multi-Vendor Platform

Not a Faster ITAD Horse

In 1900, had Ford asked someone how to improve personal transportation, I’m sure they would have appreciated a better and faster horse. Most people could not have imagined the transportation transformation brought on by the car or airplane. Much like the cars and airplanes then, most people have not yet imagined how a multi-vendor approach can transform ITAD.

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undoing project itad style

The Undoing Project, ITAD Style

I’m a fan of Michael Lewis. If you don’t know him, he’s a very talented author who is best known for The Big Short and Moneyball. His latest book, The Undoing Project, explores the extraordinary work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. How does The Undoing Project relate to ITAD? First…

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Consider ITAD a Security Threat

ITAM benefits by treating ITAD as a data security threat. Educating senior management about the risks will secure IT asset managers the resources needed to prevent an ITAD-related breach. To ensure adequate safeguards are in place, IT asset managers should consider treating ITAD as if it were an inevitable security incident.

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5 mistakes not to make

Five ITAD Mistakes Not to Make

Organizations constantly replace outdated computers and countless types of electronic devices to keep up with technology and enhance worker productivity. This rush to upgrade, however, creates a challenge: large numbers of excess electronics must be managed and disposed of properly.

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preparing to switch ITAD vendors

Preparing to Change ITAD Vendors

We always hope relationships will last forever in business, but that is not always the case. Anyone involved with IT asset disposition (ITAD) knows how once-trusted vendors can become unresponsive, get acquired, get into trouble, or simply go out-of-business.

The reality is, you need to be prepared at any time to switch ITAD vendors. Even if you are not forced to switch, there comes a time when change might be necessary.

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daughter does not get a vote

My Daughter Doesn’t Get A Vote

My daughter Olivia is like most first graders. She is confident and adventurous and, at times, defiant.

When risks are low, I prefer she learn from experience. The school of hard knocks can teach valuable lessons.

When it comes to security and safety, however, the cost is too high to let her learn the hard way. As parents, we instruct but lay down the law.

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final check-out

Final Check-Out

How do you sum up what Retire-IT does in two words?

When I was working on this summary, I called it the “Final Check-Out.” My nine-year-old son Ryan sings it better than I can write it.

Ryan saw it and immediately asked me if it had to do with the “Final Countdown!” Remember that Swedish rock band Europe and their one-hit wonder?

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College Football Resembles ITAD

College Football Resembles ITAD

What does ITAD have in common with college football? Both have a problem with players celebrating too early.

For some unexplained reason, college football players continue to drop footballs before crossing the goal line. Players from Clemson, California, Utah, and Oklahoma recently dropped the ball voluntarily before they got into the end-zone.

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How do you know if your RFP process is an exercise in CYA? An effective request-for-proposal (RFP) process is designed…
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GTTM going through the motions


GTTM (Going Through The Motions) is a serious condition characterized by a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. Someone is…
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The Preventable Breach

Privacy breaches can grab worldwide headlines when hackers access millions of customer records. It can be an endeavor for experts…
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deterministic record linkage

Rules-Based Reconciliation

An unbroken chain-of-custody is necessary to protect an organization from the downstream risks associated with ITAD. Chain-of-custody is not a…
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right question

The Right Question

Executives need to be non-credulous when it comes to ITAD reporting. Employees tend to report self-serving interpretations, especially when facts could make them look bad.

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Stop sharing

Stop Sharing

Sharing inventory with a recycler is not always a good idea, as it can lead to a false sense of security and shield the recycler from liability. Maintaining an unbroken chain of custody is crucial to hold a disposal vendor accountable.

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do not ruin your it retirement

Don’t Ruin Your Retirement

Don’t assume that your IT retirement is secure. Harvard Business Review revealed how IT asset disposition is the most overlooked aspect of data security.

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