Disposal Tags are Hands-Only CPR for Your ITAD Program

Hands-Only CPR

Disposal Tags are Hands-Only CPR for Your ITAD Program

If you ever suffer cardiac arrest, you’d better hope someone nearby is a Bee Gees fan.

The odds of you surviving a heart attack double if someone performs CPR. Fortunately, anyone can do it — they simply need to push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive”.

However, saving someone’s life using CPR wasn’t always so simple. Researchers struggled for decades to convince people to use it.

That’s because:

  1. People couldn’t remember the correct technique.
  2. They didn’t want to put their mouth on a stranger’s mouth.
  3. They experienced the Bystander Effect, where individuals are reluctant to help when others are present.

In 2008, Hands-Only CPR was introduced to help address these issues. It’s much easier to do and is just as effective at saving lives. This brilliant innovation has been a life-saver, literally.

It also reminds us a lot of how Disposal Tags make IT asset disposition (ITAD) easier.

ITAD can be intimidating, just like CPR. And while disposal tags don’t save lives, they can save your company from catastrophic data breaches.

Below, we’ll look at the challenges companies face when implementing proper ITAD procedures — and how disposal tags simplify the process for you.

Why Companies Hesitate When It Comes to ITAD

Organizations frequently replace outdated computers and equipment. That creates a challenge due to the large number of assets that must be tracked and disposed of. If not managed properly, it can result in regulatory fines and negative publicity when equipment falls into the wrong hands.

Despite this, many companies hesitate when it comes to implementing proper ITAD procedures. Why?

Some think that doing so would be too expensive. Others feel it’s unnecessary.

However, the biggest reason most executives ignore ITAD is simply because it’s out of sight and mind. If they’ve never experienced a breach, then it’s easy for them to ignore.

These companies hesitate when it comes to handling a tough situation — just like those folks who were unwilling to perform CPR.

Fortunately, Disposal Tags (like hands-on CPR) offer a simple solution to help businesses take these problems head-on.

Disposal Tags Take the Hassle Out of ITAD

Disposal Tags make ITAD easy and inexpensive. Even better, any business can use them.

Here are just a few benefits that disposal tags offer:

  • They increase tracking accuracy from 50% to nearly 100%.
  • They make it easier to locate misplaced equipment — saving companies money wasted on labor and opportunity costs.
  • They deter theft by acting as a visible reminder to employees and vendors that each piece of equipment is accounted for.
  • They significantly reduce the risk of financial liability in the event of a lawsuit by establishing a clear chain of custody.

Disposal Tags are the solution to many executives and business owners’ concerns about ITAD. For small and large businesses, they make the daunting task of proper ITAD simple and painless.

Retire-IT Is Your Partner in Proper Asset Management

Utilizing Disposal Tags is an important step in protecting your company from the consequences of mishandled ITAD. But it’s not the only piece of the puzzle.

You also need to find the right partner in asset disposal. That’s where Retire-IT comes in.

Our competitors’ tag equipment after receiving at their facility — a practice that benefits the vendor but does nothing to protect your company. Retire-IT looks out for you and your team by supplying tags for your expired assets before they ship.

We also provide you with cutting-edge technology that can help track all of your expired assets, ensure you receive top dollar for your expired equipment and verify that your data is destroyed completely.

Ready to stop hesitating and take full control of your ITAD program? Contact us today.

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