Why Caring About ITAD Matters to Your Employees

Why Caring About ITAD Matters to Your Employees

Why Caring About ITAD Matters to Your Employees

We get it; not everyone is as passionate about IT asset disposition as we are.

Even though we think about ITAD every day, we know that it’s typically out of sight and mind for most executives. After all, it’s hard to justify investing the time when there hasn’t been a breach.

We’ve got thick skin, so there are no hard feelings.

But there is cause for concern.

Not prioritizing ITAD at the executive level is understandable. However, when your employees and vendors disregard proper protocols, that’s a different story.

The High-Cost of Disregarding ITAD

Data breaches are no joke. That’s why you count on your employees to spare no effort when it comes to data security.

However, if your staff knows ITAD isn’t a priority for you, then it won’t be a priority for them.

Shortcuts are taken that cost your company money, and more importantly, create risk. Naturally, employees tend to report self-serving interpretations of the facts, especially when facts might make them look bad. If they sense organizational apathy towards ITAD, there is additional justification for sweeping problems under the rug.

And vendors are no different.

Vendors shield themselves from liability by failing to disclose serious problems. Case in point: BusinessWeek recently quoted the CEO of a prominent recycler admitting, “Ninety percent of electronics recyclers are cheaters.” Vendors want to avoid providing a rope for you to hang them. If they believe ITAD is disregarded, trees simply fall in the woods unnoticed.

Disposal Tags Provide 100% of the Accountability With 10% of the Effort

So, how do you show your employees and vendors you care — even when you really don’t?

Two words: disposal tags.

Implementing a simple disposal tag policy is the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to prevent problems without investing unnecessary bandwidth.

Even more important, they’re a tangible sign of your commitment to proper ITAD.

Disposal tags are a visible warning to would-be trouble makers that each asset is important. They put both vendors and employees on notice, letting them know that chain of custody will be validated.

Not Excited by ITAD? We Get It. That’s Why Retire-IT Handles it for You.

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that it takes 10,000 hours to master something.

Not true. Retire-IT allows you to master ITAD in about 10 minutes.

The best way to avoid dealing with ITAD is to prevent serious problems from happening in the first place. Disposal tags allow you to quickly hack the ITAD process without changing a vendor or disrupting your existing methods.

We understand not wanting to invest time in ITAD — that’s what we’re here for. Show them you care even if you don’t. Your secret is safe with us.

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