What is IT Asset Disposition ITAD?

IT Asset Disposition ITAD

What is IT Asset Disposition?

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the process of disposing of unwanted electronic equipment in a responsible manner.

Proper ITAD programs ensure organizations mitigate risk, minimize cost, and maximize value recovery.

Capable ITAD vendors help organizations manage the retirement, remarketing, and recycling of computer equipment to avoid legal risks, environmental concerns, and unnecessary costs.

Internal ITAD activities are often performed by employees who are given little-or-no guidance from senior management. Outsourcing ITAD activities can reduce storage costs, lower labor costs, and avoid administrative hassles. Outsourcing ITAD, however, is not equivalent to managing.

You can outsource ITAD, but you cannot eliminate ultimate responsibility for the equipment or the data it contains. When an organization fails to maintain proper oversight, outsourcing can actually increase the risks and leave it with a false sense of security.

Essential elements of successful IT asset disposition are certified data destruction, certified electronics recycling, certified chain-of-custody, and a multi-vendor approach.

Certified Data Destruction

Certified data destruction is proof that all assets are sanitized to ensure sensitive data and software are destroyed.

  • NIST (NIST SP800-88) and DOD (DOD5220.22) compliant data sanitization
  • Removal of all corporate identifiers and tags
  • HDD / SSD / media shredding
  • Onsite and witnessed destruction

Certified Electronics Recycling

Certified electronics recycling ensures end-of-life equipment processing meets and exceeds all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations with best-practice electronic recycling procedures.

Certified Chain-of-Custody

Certified Chain-of-Custody ensures court-admissible audit trail for every asset. Independent verification of custody reduces risk, stops employee theft, and holds your disposal vendor accountable.

  • Effective tracking by disposal tag and serial number
  • Instantly verify asset custody
  • Automate inventory reconciliation
  • ITAD vendor-neutral / works with any existing process

Multi-vendor Approach

Anyone involved with ITAD knows how once-trusted vendors can become unresponsive, get acquired, get into trouble, or simply go out-of-business. A multi-vendor approach empowers you to hold vendors accountable instead of being held hostage. The multi-vendor approach ensures fees are competitive and remarketing proceeds are market-based and fair. Capable ITAD vendors offer remarketing options to maximize return on retired equipment. Processed equipment can be resold through a variety of channels including online stores, online auction sites, and through a network of resellers.

Developing a vendor-agnostic, multi-vendor approach to ITAD will save your organization money, improve service, better ensure compliance, and will future-proof your ITAD program. Retire-IT can be your partner on this.

Retire-IT provides an effective solution to ITAD’s biggest challenges. Retire-IT applies a consistent approach to every project, regardless of location, quantity, type of equipment, or ITAD vendor. Contact us, call us at (888) 839-6555, or email us at support@retire-it.com, and we look forward to speaking with you about how we can support you.