Where the IT Lifecycle Ends

Where the IT Lifecycle Ends Book

I’m excited to announce the release of my first book, “Where the IT Lifecycle Ends: How Non-Compliant IT Asset Disposition Creates Unnecessary Exposure.”

It became the #1 New Release on Amazon in the “One-Hour Education” category. This shows that anyone can be a bestseller—if the category is niche enough!

Non-compliant IT asset disposition (ITAD) is a major issue that recently came to light after a data breach at a major bank. SEC cybersecurity rules went into effect, elevating ITAD to a high-risk area.

Unspeakable Problem: You can’t solve a problem you can’t discuss.

The issue of non-compliant ITAD remains unsolved because many hesitate to discuss it. Fear of blame for overlooking the problem is a common reason.

Others see it as a low priority, unwilling to invest time. Some believe it’s someone else’s responsibility, while others lack the complete picture and hesitate to invest time in understanding.

Additionally, some underestimate the risks involved, and others acknowledge the problem but feel discouraged by the lack of action from others.

Why This Book Was Written

Many organizations struggle with the intricacies of ITAD. As someone who’s always loved to draw, I wanted to create a fun and informative resource using cartoons to make this complex issue more understandable and spark conversation.

This book cuts through the complexity, making a potentially daunting subject approachable for all. By shedding light on the problems associated with bad ITAD practices, this book aims to spark crucial conversations that pave the way for better solutions.

This focus on accessibility is paramount. Through open discussions, organizations can overcome the fear, misplaced responsibility, and lack of awareness that often hinder effective ITAD. This book empowers readers to act and address a critical but often overlooked aspect of IT management.

The visual format makes this book valuable for individuals and organizations. Please consider the concepts it covers before you draft a policy or take on a project.

If you’d like a copy, here is the link:



I’m so grateful for the feedback I’ve received since the release of this book! Many of you inquired about a summary of the key concepts for your teams. I’m happy to share one. Schedule a 30-minute call with me, and it will provide a meeting link. A quick planning call beforehand is optional.

Update II:

Several colleagues have asked if I planned to create a video summary. I’m please to share this version. It is the entire book, illustrations and copy, read by an AI actor. Please let me know your thoughts!