Identifying the Best (And Worst) ITAD Vendors for Your Business

Identify the Best ITAD Vendors

IT asset disposition isn’t always the most exciting topic. That’s why you rarely (or, more accurately, never) see it depicted in movies or TV.

However, there is one film scene that always reminds me of ITAD vendors.

It’s from my go-to holiday classic, Elf. In it, Buddy is exploring New York City when he comes across a coffee shop that claims to have the “World’s Best Cup of Coffee.”

He then runs into the shop to congratulate them on their accomplishment:

You did it! Congratulations! Great job, everyone. It’s great to meet you!

Whenever I watch this (which is several times a year around the holidays), I can’t stop laughing.

I love Buddy the Elf, but I wouldn’t trust him to choose a qualified ITAD vendor.

Taking ITAD Vendors’ Claims with a Grain of Salt

Have you ever noticed that every ITAD vendor is a “global leader” that offers the most comprehensive services, guarantees maximum value recovery, and adheres to the highest environmental standards?

News flash: they’re not.

Well, not all of them, at least.

Don’t get me wrong. Some ITAD vendors out there deliver on these promises. However, the majority can’t back up the bogus claims they sell to their customers.

That’s why at Retire-IT, we’ve come up with a system to differentiate the “World’s Best” ITAD vendors from the “World’s Most Full of It.”

How We Evaluate Each ITAD Vendor

Over the past 18 years, we’ve worked with some of the best ITAD vendors around.

But we don’t just take them at their word. We know they’re the best because we evaluate them using precise metrics.

Here’s what we look at:

Inventory Accuracy and Reporting

For reporting, we take into account metrics such as days-to-receive and inventory accuracy. Equally important, we evaluate each vendor based on how effective they are at correcting inventory reports when we find errors.

About half of all inventory reports produced by vendors contain errors or omissions. We look for vendors that ensure these are corrected promptly to avoid potential chain of custody issues.

Effectiveness at Remarketing

A vendor’s ability to effectively remarket equipment is important to us as well. Remarketing value depends on many factors (age, condition, type of equipment).

The net value also depends on ancillary charges and deductions. We evaluate each vendor’s remarketing practices to help you avoid vendors that nickel and dime you for each asset. Instead, we connect you only with those vendors committed to ensuring each piece is remarketed at its maximum value.

Safety and Compliance

Data breaches are no joke. And unfortunately, vendor negligence is one of the leading causes of missing assets.

It should come as no surprise then that safety and compliance is one of our biggest priorities when evaluating vendors. Do they:

  • Utilize disposal tags to maintain chain of custody?
  • Require drivers to provide accurate inventory reports before and after delivery?
  • Properly remove any remaining data before recycling?

We give you peace of mind by rigorously evaluating each vendor to ensure they’re compliant with industry protocols.

Tired of Searching for Qualified Vendors? Retire-IT Can Help

Finding qualified vendors can be both risky and time-consuming.

Buyers are forced to field phone calls from seemingly identical vendors who all claim they are special.

They’re left to guess what constitutes a good deal because every vendor has completely different pricing.

Worst of all, they waste valuable time trying to find the right vendor in an opaque market.

Retire-IT can help.

Retire-IT provides vendor-neutral solutions that can help you with the challenges of IT Asset Disposition, including disposal tag tracking and TPV. We work exclusively with the industry’s best vendors to take the guesswork out of ITAD. Whether your business is large or small, we ensure you receive the best service and value for each project.

The next time an ITAD vendor’s claims seem too good to be true, don’t pull a Buddy and congratulate them. Contact Retire-IT instead, and let us handle finding the “World’s Truly Best” vendors for you.