Nobody Cares About ITAD

nobody cares

Nobody cares about ITAD until everyone cares. Everyone cares when it is too late – when an old computer is found missing or when there is an unfavorable audit.

Be ready before everyone cares. Disposal tags are the perfect way to start.

Tags are simple, easy, and highly effective. Instantly add tags to an existing process. Tags work with any vendor, any size project, anywhere.

Retire-IT pioneered disposal tags more than a decade ago. Today, more than 1,000 organizations insist on tags to deter theft and establish chain-of-custody. One global client explains it best; “You can’t track it if you don’t tag it.”

Tags are a perfect way to prevent problems, save time, and save money. Retire-IT’s tracking software automates inventory reconciliation to instantly verify chain-of-custody.

Retire-IT cares about ITAD so our clients are ready when everyone else cares.