What is Chain-of-Custody Worth?

Armored Bank Truck

Chain-of-custody is a passion of mine, which is why I often wonder, what is chain-of-custody worth?

What has more value, an armored bank truck, or a van delivering old computers to a disposal vendor?

An article I penned for the ITAM Review poised question and examines the misconceptions about chain-of-custody in IT asset disposition.

Chain-of-custody, by itself, is about as helpful as a helmet in a motorcycle crash. An effective process that prevents a disaster from happening in the first place is far more effective.

If something is found in the wrong place, or found with data, your organization, not the disposal vendor, will unfortunately pay the price for the problems.

Until you prove a disposal vendor has your equipment, you are responsible for it. Unless you prove it, your organization is legally exposed.

Please enjoy the article and share your thoughts with me!

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