Not a Faster ITAD Horse

MVP Multi-Vendor Platform

Henry Ford is given credit for saying, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

While Ford never spoke those words, the meaning of the message remains relevant.

In 1900, had Ford asked someone how to improve personal transportation, I’m sure they would have appreciated a better and faster horse. Most people could not have imagined the transportation transformation brought on by the car or airplane. An improved horse would have been more than they could have imagined.

Today, when you ask someone how to improve ITAD, many offer a multitude of ways to improve the traditional ITAD vendor.

Much like the cars and airplanes then, most people have not yet imagined how a multi-vendor approach can transform ITAD. It hasn’t scratched the surface of what is possible.

I’m not equating Retire-IT to the invention of the motor car. However, I am drawing a comparison to a disruptive approach in thought-process. Not just disruptive; a better approach.

In 2008, if you asked someone how to improve taxi cabs, nobody would have said Uber. Uber didn’t replace the automobile. They took a new, better, and somewhat disruptive approach.

Likewise, Retire-IT does not substitute the ITAD vendor. For twelve years, we have worked with leading ITADs. This approach ensures the right vendor at the right time provides the right service at the right price. Our process ensures consistency and unbroken chain-of-custody. Our multi-vendor platform (the ‘MVP’) ensures consolidated reporting is seamless and easy.  And most importantly accurate.multi-vendor ITAD management platform

Once I experienced Uber, I was blown away by the ease, effectiveness, and cost savings. I never want to hail a taxi again. After you try Retire-IT, you will wonder why you became over-reliant on a single-source vendor relationship again. Our MVP program is new, better, and even somewhat disruptive.  Not quite Uber…yet!

Now please don’t expect an ITAD vendor to arrive at your data center in seven minutes with the swipe of your iPhone. But you can expect that you will never be stuck with an inflexible schedule or sub-par service of a single vendor again.  That’s the Retire-IT MVP approach in action for you.

Disruptive approaches depend on numerous factors. Timing and technology are critical. Retire-IT MVP could not have worked effectively until today, and Uber could never have worked in 1900.  Although, it would be pretty cool if Uber would give you the option to choose a horse-drawn carriage. Think about it; UberX, UberBlack, or UberCarriage! It might take a few more minutes but what a ride it would be.

I believe the MVP program we have created and implement every day at Retire-IT is ready to serve and support the ITAD world, especially you.  And unlike Henry Ford; let’s go on the record that I said that.

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