About Retire-IT

Retire-IT was founded by a Harvard-educated recycling executive after witnessing the vulnerabilities first-hand.

Retire-IT provides independent, impartial management of the entire process of IT asset disposition. Retire-IT works with more than three dozen of the best electronics recyclers across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Organizations take enormous efforts to protect private data. Why drop the ball at disposal?

Chain-of-custody is the foundation for a transfer of liability and indemnification. It’s also required for regulatory compliance. Don’t be misled into a false sense of security.

Working with a qualified recycler is absolutely necessary. However, outsourcing is not sufficient. Data security laws mandate organizations implement adequate safeguards and proper controls. Separation-of-duties is required so the fox isn’t allowed to watch the hen house.

Despite good intentions, outsourcing to a recycler without special precautions creates a false sense of security. Without independent verification, outsourcing is both risky and illegal.

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