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Whether a one-time project or an enterprise computer disposal program, we have you covered.

  • Complete Computer Disposal Services
  • Next-Day Pickup Nationwide
  • Guaranteed Chain-of-Custody
  • Certified Data Destruction
  • Certified Electronics Recycling
  • Top Dollar For Unwanted Equipment

Keep Your Assets Out of the Headlines

Chain-of-custody is not a catchphrase.

Disposal tags deter theft and guarantee unbroken chain-of-custody.

Eliminate legal risks, environmental concerns, and unnecessary costs with Retire-IT IT managed asset disposition

Is Your Company Taking Computer Asset Disposal Seriously?

Responsibly disposing of unwanted IT assets has become a high-stakes business. Without the right safeguards in place, sensitive information stored on electronic equipment can end up in the wrong hands — opening your organization up to significant legal and financial liability.

Unfortunately, most recycling vendors do little to protect you from these risks. They rely on outdated processes that create dangerous gaps in reporting. On top of that, many utilize remarketing programs that put money from the sale of your equipment back in their pocket, not yours.

Retire-IT is different.

Save money & time

Complete IT asset disposition services. Next-day pickup nationwide. Guaranteed chain-of-custody.

Reduce risk & achieve compliance

Certified data destruction. Certified electronics recycling. Certified chain-of-custody.

Maximize value recovery

Extensive remarketing channels maximize return on all retired equipment.

computer equipment

An ITAD program you can be proud of… 

Proven Process

Chain-of-custody is not a catchphrase.
Disposal tags deter theft and guarantee unbroken chain-of-custody.

Complete Control

Take back control!
Don’t let ITAD vendors take advantage. Hold them accountable instead.

Unparalleled Reporting

Proof! Not a promise.
Real protection from regulatory fines and breach litigation.

Have complete confidence in your ITAD program

While you can outsource recycling, you can never outsource your regulatory responsibility.

Over 11,000 ITAD projects completed
Almost 1,000 clients served
Client Satisfaction

Testimonials from clients just like you

Take the next steps to have a successful IT Asset Disposition program

Request a Quote

We provide you an exact quote. What type and quantity of equipment are being retired? Is the equipment at one location, or multiple locations?

Approve the Proposal

Give us the green light and we can do the rest. We follow a proven process every time, every where across the country.

Schedule a Pickup

Is there a specific day you would like pickup? We can provide next-day pickup nationwide. Guaranteed chain-of-custody.

Certified Data Destruction

Proof that all assets are sanitized to ensure sensitive data and software are destroyed.

  • NIST (NIST SP800-88) and DOD (DOD5220.22) compliant data sanitization
  • Removal of all corporate identifiers and tags
  • HDD / SSD / media shredding
  • Onsite and witnessed destruction
hard drive disposal

Certified Electronics Recycling

Meet and exceed all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations with best-practice electronic recycling procedures.

  • 100% R2-certified or e-Steward processing
  • No landfill
  • No prison labor
  • No export of hazardous e-waste
MVP Multi-Vendor Platform

Multi-Vendor Management Platform

Much more than a client portal, Retire-IT’s multi-vendor platform powered by Veridy software seamlessly works with any ITAD vendor, empowering you to control the entire process.

  • Manage, track and monitor activity of any ITAD project, from any vendor
  • Achieve consistent, consolidated reporting from multiple vendors
  • View organization-wide reporting, metrics & analytics
  • Benchmark performance against other organizations
  • Automated reconciliation tools to validate chain-of-custody
  • Searchable archive of inventory records, documents, and activity logs
  • More….


If you are a do-it-yourselfer, ITADCentral is the fastest and easiest way to find the best vendor for the best price. Dozens of certified vendors are ready to help you with your next project.

  1. Post your project – Posting projects is easy, free and confidential.
  2. Get proposals – Select the most suitable proposal within your budget.
  3. Get your project done – Chat, share files, and collaborate. Pay once the work is done and you are satisfied.

ITADCentral makes it easy to compare apples-to-apples proposals from multiple providers at once. Top-ranked, trusted providers compete to win your business. Read real reviews from clients just like you. Proven process means reliable results.

  • Save time and skip the pitch and pointless sales calls
  • Save money and you are getting the best value
  • Get projects done, on time and on budget

When vendors compete, you win.

And if you’d like the added assurance of using Retire-IT, optional certified chain-of-custody is always available for every project.

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Lower Cost

Don’t overpay for certified service.

Eliminate Risk

Stop employee theft and vendor losses.

Maximize Value Recovery

Get paid the most for your used equipment.