What the Debate Around Face Masks Has Taught Us About Disposal Tags

What the Debate Around Face Masks Has Taught Us About Disposal Tags

Anti-Maskers vs. Anti-Taggers: What the Debate Around Face Masks Has Taught Us About Disposal Tags

Mask wearing has become a topic of fierce debate.

Experts tell us that masks are a critical tool in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

Opponents say the associated costs aren’t worth it.

The argument has raged on for over a year. During that time, it’s reminded us of another debate that’s lasted even longer — whether or not companies should use disposal tags.

Disposal tags don’t save lives, but they are a critical tool for making IT asset disposition (ITAD) safe and effective. However, there are still naysayers out there who claim the costs aren’t worth the benefits.

Not sure where you stand? We’re here to help clear things up. Keep reading.

Why Security Experts Trust Disposal Tags

It’s hard to question the effectiveness of disposal tags. IT experts know that the ability to track retired assets is critical in preventing data breaches.

However, like masks, critics of disposal tags maintain that they’re more about symbolism than substance.

That’s where they’re wrong.

Visibility is a key attribute and benefit of disposal tags. With ITAD, we want clear demonstrations of compliance.

Just as some of us wear face masks as a gesture of caring for others, smart asset managers apply tags to show others ITAD matters. Disposal tags are a visible indicator warning would-be criminals that an asset will be missed if taken.

Where Critics Miss the Mark

Interestingly enough, the executives and IT managers most opposed to using disposal tags actually tend to care the least about ITAD.

They write them off because they assume that their ITAD program will continue to run smoothly. Or, they feel retired assets pose no risk because they believe they no longer contain important data.

But ITAD is bigger than one individual. Eliminating gaps in accountability is a team effort.

That’s what disposal tags offer. They help shield your company, its customers, and its stakeholders from costly problems associated with ITAD, including negative press, fines, and lawsuits. Apathy doesn’t protect you from these problems — disposal tags do.

Protect Your Community with a Facemask — Protect Your Company With Disposal Tags

If you think this article is political, rest assured it is not.

It seems everyone has an opinion about whether or not face masks offer protection against COVID-19. Likewise, we want to create a dialogue about the protection that disposal tags offer against the risks of ITAD.

And while the two topics are similar, there is one key difference. We know that the pandemic will eventually end, and face masks will become a thing of the past; but the protection offered by disposal tags will always be needed.

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