Close Only Counts In Horseshoes

close only counts in horseshoes

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Close doesn’t count in IT asset disposal.

One hard drive in the wrong hands can cost your organization millions.

If you think your organization is playing games, you are not alone. An article in Harvard Business Review revealed only 97% of retired asset are being tracked.

If you cannot track an asset, you cannot prove it wasn’t lost or stolen. If an untracked asset could contain sensitive data, there is an obligation to treat the loss as a potential data security incident.

Previously, we discussed that IT asset disposition should not be a game of chance. ITAD should not be like a game of horseshoes either. Or a hand grenade.

Close enough isn’t good enough when it comes to ITAD. Plus, old laptops make really lousy horseshoes.

Certify 100% of your retired computers.