15 Minutes Could Save You $15 million

15 Minutes save 15 million dollars

Spending a few minutes shopping for car insurance might save you a few hundred dollars.

Not investing a few minutes to examining exactly how your organization manages IT asset disposition can cost millions.

Today there are more than 600 certified disposal vendors. Outsourcing is not the same thing as effective management. Who you choose is far less important than how you manage.

This is not a typical chat about disposal vendor services. This is a serious discussion about your risks, compliance, and indemnification.

In 15 minutes or less, learn about…

  • THE critical vulnerability recyclers do want you to know about
  • How your process could fail a privacy audit
  • Why you won’t be indemnified if a privacy breach occurs
  • And more…

Don’t unknowingly take risks. And don’t take unnecessary risks.

A 15 minute call with Retire-IT could save you $15 million, or more.

What are you waiting for? Give us a quick call today, or contact us to schedule a time.