Certified Chain-of-Custody

Chain-of-custody is the foundation of indemnification and transfer of liability. Retire-IT provides an unbroken chain-of-custody, guaranteed.

Retire-IT’s disposal tag process deters employee theft and provides irrefutable evidence of possession. Retire-IT’s proprietary reporting system eliminates duplicate serial numbers and sham data that ruin the reliability of traditional recycling reports.

Plus, dedicated account executives review each report to uncover overlooked problems and provide insightful analysis on program activities. Historical reports are available online anytime.

What is Chain-of-Custody?

Chain-of-custody is not a catchphrase. It is a process involving the collection and preservation of evidence.

Chain-of-custody (CoC) is a process that proves the integrity of evidence.

It is common for ITAD processors to claim that they provide chain-of-custody. It may sound nice, but it is not true. They provide evidence.

The only way a processor to verify an unbroken chain-of-custody would be to share your inventory with them and then ask them to confirm they have everything.

Sharing inventory with a processor is like a teacher giving the answers to a student. Teachers don’t share answers with students for a reason; there is a conflict-of-interest. Even the most trustworthy student is tempted to cheat.

Sharing your inventory with a recycler impugns chain-of-custody evidence. An innocent act of sharing undermines everything and harms your ability to hold them accountable.

A critical aspect of every data security law is that organizations must minimize conflicts that create opportunities for theft and fraud.

Ethical disposal vendors understand independent third-party verification is a legal requirement.

Unethical recyclers encourage you to share your inventory for two reasons:

1) They can provide you with a sense of security (albeit false), and

2) It can shield them from liability.

Disposal vendors must provide an independent and accurate inventory of equipment they received from you. If you share your inventory they could determine something is missing. Sharing enables a recycler to fraudulently hide potential losses (“what you don’t know won’t hurt you”).

When it comes to retiring IT assets, sharing your inventory with an ITAD provider is a cardinal sin.

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