Multi-Vendor Platform

The one-and-only MVP, shorthand for multi-vendor platform, puts you in complete control.

Much more than a conventional client portal, Retire-IT seamlessly works with any ITAD vendor, empowering you to control the entire process.

  • Manage, track and monitor activity of any ITAD project, from any vendor
  • Achieve consistent, consolidated reporting from multiple vendors
  • View organization-wide reporting, metrics & analytics
  • Benchmark performance against other organizations
  • Automated reconciliation tools to validate chain-of-custody
  • Searchable archive of inventory records, documents, and activity logs

The MVP includes the same tools we use ourselves at Retire-IT to manage ITAD for our clients. Powered by Veridy software, the MVP enables you to automate the process of ITAD.

In addition to the benefits above, the MVP and a multi-vendor approach can help you optimize costs to save up-to 40%.

MVP Multi-Vendor Platform
multi-vendor ITAD management platform