The Retire-IT App

retire-it appRetire-IT knows that IT asset managers have more to do with their precious time than manually manipulate Excel spreadsheets to reconcile inventories.

Spreadsheet reconciliation is time-consuming and tedious. Moreover, the results can be subjective and almost impossible for someone else to verify, without redoing the entire thing.

Retire-IT developed a revolutionary app that takes the hassle out of reconciling inventories.

The Retire-IT app automates inventory reconciliation.

  • Match assets by serial number, asset tag, or both
  • Categorize assets by equipment type category
  • Perform logically / fuzzy matching
  • Instantly identify exceptions
  • Produce powerful reports to share

Retire-IT makes rules-based reconciliation easy.

Stop using spreadsheets. Start using the Retire-IT app.

If you are interested in using the Retire-IT App, please contact us at