Close the ITAD Reporting Gap

Companies constantly replace outdated computers and countless electronic devices to keep up with technology and enhance worker productivity. During the process of IT asset disposition (ITAD), companies close the gap in terms of ITAD reporting.

In a perfect world, we should be able track 100% of assets from acquisition to disposition. The inventory discrepancies discovered during disposal phase represent the ITAD Reporting Gap.

To shrink the ITAD Reporting Gap, organizations must adopt an effective policy and implement a proven process.  Retire-IT developed a proven process of using disposal tags and powerful software to make ITAD more effective.

Tags make tracking easy. Disposal tags deter employee theft and establish unbroken chain-of-custody. They also delight privacy professionals and compliance auditors.

In addition, online software automates the time-consuming task of inventory reconciliation. No longer worry about the whereabouts of your assets. Instantly prove vendors have custody.

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ITAD reporting gap with data